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Rockwell Financial Partners is a firm focused on wealth accumulation and management for busy professionals. RFP was founded to address the need for complex planning and collaborative software. This provides them with the ability to work alongside clients and lay a roadmap for their success. The team at Rockwell Financial Partners understands that each client is different and their understanding of the world impacts how they view money. This is considered by the team as they interact with and guide clients through the financial planning and asset management process. The goal is not to hand clients a 1000-piece puzzle with a picture and ask them to put it together, but rather sit at the table with them to assemble it piece by piece. In other words, all advice is tailored and unique to the individual client...not driven by revenues or sales goals of a larger organization. The team at RFP gets most excited about digging in with their clients and finding solutions that are easily implemented.

If you would like the RFP team to partner with you to develop a roadmap for working toward your financial goals, call the office at 614-392-4869 or email about next steps.


Use our range of skills, education, and industry experience to provide you with informed financial direction.


Be your advocate, celebrate your wins, and help you stay on track to pursue your goals in a tax-efficient manner.


Our role as your financial professional is one we don't take lightly. We strive to meet every interaction with care and professionalism.

Rockwell Financial Partners Manages Assets For Individuals And Families, Providing Investment Management, And Financial Planning Services.

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